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The coaching background of Executive Coaches Group team members makes us highly qualified trainers and workshop leaders. We help your team move beyond their current capabilities through our customized workshop training. Even the most effective teams can benefit from learning new skills.

Our beginner, intermediate, advanced and masterclass workshop training sessions can run from one hour to several days depending on your needs, and the content is tailored to your specific circumstances.

When appropriate, we can identify gaps in knowledge and team dynamics, and create workshop training modules to address them.  This can be done through the use of individual or team assessments or simply through our experience working with teams and having the ability to assess situations and people.

We can create workshop training sessions on a wide-variety of business topics including the following:

  • Mindfulness: Focussing for Success
  • Adapting to Change (Change Management)
  • Successful Thought Patterns (Positive Thinking)
  • Increasing Organizational Resiliency
  • Building Executive Presence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Talent Management as Competitive Advantage

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If you are looking to achieve any of the following, contact us now:

  • Greater collaboration
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Strengthened creative thinking abilities
  • Better relationships
  • Heightened interpersonal and self awareness
  • Greater focus on results
  • Improved communications
  • Enhanced innovation

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