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Building Resilient Teams

Some change you can face comes as a specific event. Examples of acute moments of change include corporate mergers, disruption by online competition or regulatory change.  Your organization can also face ongoing change.  Organizational growth, technical innovations and new product development are examples of the types of change that continue day after day.  The demands of ongoing change place stress on your organization and the people in it. If you have not adequately responded to the demands or they become too great, performance and results can suffer. A lack of team resilience to change can be damaging to your organization.

To meet the demands of change, you need to build your team’s (or organization’s) resilience.  Team resilience is the ability of a team to successfully anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change.  Executive Coaches Group can teach your team the four key steps building resilience — Recognize, Reframe, Rehearse and Recover.  We also cover the stages of behavioural transformation and the elements of resilience.  We can help your team or organization go from unsuccessfully adapting to change, beyond merely successfully coping to a state of thriving on change.

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