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Talent Management - Employees as Heros

Picture the work day of top athletes. Coaches work with them to improve very specific skills. Psychologists help with the mental aspects of top performance. In fact, a whole team of specialists works to help the athlete succeed.  When athletes have even the ordinary success that comes daily, their colleagues celebrate and applaud. Regardless of whether things are going well or poorly, whether in a team environment or individual sport, the group around the athlete sits down on a daily basis to discuss what is working and what is not.  This focus on collaboration, coaching, enhancing performance and recognizing success starts even before the athlete is signed.  Top performers are wooed, shown around at length and introduced to everyone all while the management team seeks to discover what is important to the athlete. Even family members participate. This is talent management.

Why do sports managers and coaches go to all this trouble? The answer is simple — because it works; and it can work for your organization too. Just something as simple as a strong onboarding process for new employees has been shown to reduce first year turnover by as much as 69 percent. Talent management can can help improve performance, lower turnover, increase organization-wide morale and engagement leading to greater profits and success.

Talent management is a tool for all managers not just your Human Resources department. Executive Coaches Group can provide consulting or training services to you and your team to successfully implement a talent management strategy. We can show them how to implement every aspect of talent management such as the following:

  • recruiting including search, negotiation and onboarding,
  • training and coaching,
  • goal and work-plan setting
  • continuous review,
  • advancement
  • and more.

We can help turn your department or organization into a place where people are excited to work — a place where people work hard to give their best — a place where your top performers are the best in the business and other want to be join their ranks.

Contact Executive Coaches Group today to learn more about our Talent Management services.

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