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Project Description

Employee Requiring Outplacement Support

Terminating an employee can be a highly stressful experience — both for the employee being let go and the manager responsible for taking the action.  Outplacement support provides coaching to both parties.  The manager receives advice on how to conduct the termination and validation of their feelings from the experience. The terminated employee receives the support of an active listener and practical job transition advice for moving on.

In addition to being a noble service to provide your employees, especially when someone is being terminated for financial and restructuring reasons, outplacement can have the following benefits for your organization:

  • Reduced risk employees will attempt to cause reputational or other damage to your business.
  • Improves acceptance of termination terms.
  • Speeds new employment process — potentially reducing termination payouts.
  • Reduces stress levels of remaining employees when they see terminated employees being helped.

Executive Coaches Group team members have conducted or supported numerous termination processes.  We have worked with small organizations and large covering terminations of single employees to massive layoffs.  Let us support you with this difficult process.

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