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Executive Presence

Picture an image of the ideal leader. Chances are you imagined someone with a certain physical presence — the kind of person others notice when he or she enters a room. You likely also envisions someone with a high-degree of warmth or connection to others.  If you thought about this hypothetical leader’s conduct, you probably imagined them acting with understated confidence, that is — real executive presence.

These envisioned traits of successful leadership style are called Executive Presence. How you are perceived for your physical carriage, communications style and manner of actions plays almost as vital a role in determining your success as what you communicate and which decisions and actions you take.  In a survey of top executives, the Center for Talent Innovation, a non-profit research organization determined that Executive Presence is a leading prerequisite to career advancement.  Understandably, Executive Presence also significantly affects client and employee perceptions.

Executive Coaches Group can train your team to increase their Executive Presence. We cover the many traits of high presence and show people the process for identifying their personal presence strengths and weaknesses.  We go on to show your team members how to improve on their weaknesses and build on their strengths.  This training is especially important for those organizations that depend on the reputation of their leadership to build their success, but is valuable in improving all leader interactions.

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