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Office Worker metaphorically demonstrating her workplace confidence.

Workplace confidence not only affects how we perform, it affects the decisions we make, the job satisfaction we feel, the quality of relationships we build and more.  We like to think of success breeding confidence, but usually, it is actually confidence that leads to success.  Customer satisfaction, sales results, productivity and employee turnover are just some of the organization-level metrics affected by employee confidence levels.

Studies show a third of employees are afraid to put forward ideas. More than a quarter feel they lack the confidence needed for dealing with client meetings or working closely with a superior.  More than half dread presenting and one in five fear working in groups. Seventy percent of employees suffer from imposter syndrome at some point where they feel they do not have the skills or experience for the work they are doing — thereby needing to ‘fake it’.

Confidence is not an innate trait. It is a skill that can be practiced and built. Executive Coaches Group can help you or your employees build confidence with one-on-one or team coaching.  We create an environment, separate from where performance is being judged, for people to admit their confidence issues and address them. Workplace confidence is a core issue in many of the coaching sessions we have led over the years, and we are experts at helping people achieve real breakthroughs that transform their careers.

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