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We host peer learning groups for CEO’s and other C-suite executive leaders that are focused on results.

The Executive Peer Forum Concept:

Research has shown that we are influenced by the people we surround ourselves by.  Exceptional leaders know this and they choose to surround themselves with other successful peers who help them execute on their business plans, achieving amazing results while enhancing their own professional development.

Our peer learning groups provide a forum so that C-suite executives can achieve the highest impact in the least amount of time.

Participants benefit from peer input on specific business issues that are brought forward by each member.  In addition, group learnings are achieved at quarterly breakfast meetings conducted by a panel of subject matter experts.

The Benefit:

Engage with a group of trusted peers to:

Become a Better Leader

  • Gain direct, unbiased and confidential feedback
  • Learn about leadership best practices that are being used by other exceptional executives
  • Surround yourself within a positive, high energy environment
  • Stay on track and focused using peer accountability

Increase Bench Strength

  • Gain insight from multiple industries and experiences to achieve objectives more efficiently and faster
  • Learn from other peers’ successes and losses
  • Increase your executive input by having other executive leaders work on your challenges
  • Experience greater clarity

See Results Faster and Improve Well-Being

  • Network with some of the best leaders in today’s workplaces
  • Be able to share your concerns in confidence with other leaders
  • Decrease your stress and learn effective strategies for an overall healthier working lifestyle

How it Works:


Each peer group consists of 10 selected executives who are committed to becoming the best leader and developing their fellow group peers into the highest potential leaders they can be.

  • Meetings are held 6 times per year
  • One annual 2 day group retreat
  • C-Suite breakfast panels once a quarter on topics such as emotional intelligence, innovation, collaboration, holistic leadership
  • One-on-one coaching (6 hours/year)
  • Opportunity to participate in the Executive Fitness Challenge
  • Monthly coaching tips and executive newsletter

Professional Facilitation

Each of our sessions are facilitated by highly skilled facilitators who are experienced business leaders and trusted advisors within their respective areas of expertise.

The success of an executive leader in part, is based on the people they surround themselves with and learn from. Our members are accomplished executive leaders who have a passion for continuous learnings and lead some of the brightest corporate talent.  Our peer group members are carefully selected taking into consideration industry, business size and scope of responsibilities as well as the individual’s career stage and interests. We strive for a good representation of diverse leadership.

Who Can Join:

  • Executives/Leaders with revenues >$10M within the private or public sector
  • Executives/Leaders with P&L responsibility >$10M
  • An openness to personal and professional development and feedback
  • People who are looking for unique, leading edge, outside of the box practices

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