How Companies Get It So Wrong at Times

Recently I heard a story told to me by a client that made me cringe as it was yet another example of how companies can get things so wrong at times.

Let me start by sharing some information about my client.

Adding Insult to Excellence

She is super smart and quick as a whip based on anyone’s standards. She’s professional, caring and considerate, and has very high standards for both herself and her work.  She currently teaches at a post-secondary institution (which will remain nameless although it should be shouted from the rooftops!!)

She was telling me about a reward she received at work for some outstanding work she had done.

Sounds pretty good so far right?

Here’s the kicker:  The award was presented to her when she happened to be out of the room.

Yes, you heard me right.

Here is the scenario:  There was some kind of employee gathering happening between the hours of 11-2.  She was teaching a class up until one o’clock so that’s when she was planning on attending the event.  Just after her class ended, she returned to her desk to find the award that was given to her at noon when she wasn’t even in the room.

To add insult to injury, the award was this awful looking tacky thing.

Regardless, my client proceeded to the event where she found lots of people still in attendance, including her boss.  Many of the participants who were still there since noon approached and congratulated her on winning the award EXCEPT HER BOSS!!  She not only didn’t approach her and congratulate her, she didn’t even make mention of it.

As you can imagine, what could have been a nice gesture, turned out to be a complete joke.  For whatever reason her boss seemed to think it was alright that she had simply gone through the motions of presenting the award regardless of the fact that the recipient wasn’t in the room.  And had she checked the schedule in advance, she would have known the recipient was teaching a class at the time she was planning on making the announcement.  Then for her not to even bring it up again once the employee arrived, just boggles my mind.

How Does Wrong Happen?

So, my question out to the world is this…..why do companies get it so wrong at times???

Surely common sense would prevail and her boss would acknowledge her error in judgment on the timing of presenting the award without my client being there and at least try and save face by mentioning it??

I guess not.

The Solution is Not Complicated

I share this story with you so that this misfortunate lack of judgement does not get repeated.  If you are planning an event around recognition, check first to see if the person being ‘honoured’ is available.

I would love to hear your feedback on this one.

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