Harper, Mulcair & Trudeau Competencies

Your Priorities Determine the Skills You Value in Political Leaders & Your Team

The Competencies of Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau

Recently, the Executive Coaches Group team has been helping a large municipal government define key leadership competencies for their leaders. This work got us thinking about the current federal election.

Whether you prefer Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau likely depends in part on which leadership competencies you value most in a Prime Minister. If you value job expertise most, there’s a good chance you prefer Mr. Harper. If you place a priority on pragmatism, you might like Mr. Mulcair for his moving the NDP towards the centre politically. If you value collaboration in your politicians, you might like Mr. Trudeau’s pledge of using a consultative approach.

Business Leadership Competencies

Just as the leadership competencies you value in politicians can be influenced by your priorities, your business priorities affect the leadership competencies you will value in your team. If you are in a fast-moving marketplace, you might place a priority on vision and innovation. In a fast changing climate, you might value agility. If you lead a public company, transparency and accountability might be competencies you value.

To strengthen your team (or your own competencies), you must take stock of current abilities and clearly identify your priorities. This allows you to perform a gap analysis and put in place mentorship, coaching or training programs to address skill areas that need enhancing. Just remember that while you might place a premium on particular competencies, there are a number of core competencies that can benefit almost any team. After all, whether you are for the Conservatives, the New Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens or even another party — chances are you want your elected officials to demonstrate expertise AND pragmatism AND collaboration — not to mention results, transparency, accountability and other competencies.

Executive Coaches Group

The Executive Coaches Group can help you refine your priorities, inventory your team’s competencies and develop a variety of leadership programs to address areas that need strengthening. So, put us to work for you. We promise to leave the political discussions here.


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