With our unique model, we will coach your leaders to better results.

Imagine this:

-Everyone in your company is working at their best and striving to improve every day;

-People are communicating effectively with each other and enjoying it!;

-Engagement levels have never been higher;

-Sales are coming in so fast you are having a challenge keeping up;

-Everyone understands what it means when we say customer amazement!;

-There is a buzz in the office that is contagious.  Everyone experiences it, including the customers;

-People have a vision they are working towards, and understand how they fit in with that purpose.

This is all possible with our executive coaching methodology.  We can assist your leaders and managers to expand on their decision-making capabilities and:

  1. Go beyond the norm
  2. Test their courage
  • Develop their focuses on the future
  1. Maximize their potential
  2. Educate them on holistic leadership
  3. Be catalyzes of Innovation
  • Improve their performance
  • Increase their effectiveness
  1. Become more solutions-focused
  2. Expand their influence
  3. Develop outside of the box thinking
  • Explore alternative thinking capabilities
  • Take them out of their comfort zones
  • Become better risk-takers
  1. Be more approachable

In doing so, your company’s culture will be enriched and your employees will become more engaged.  Unlike many other models which are static and follow a particular curriculum, our model is tailored and customized to the individual needs of your people.  It is transformational.  The end result – everyone will be happier.  How is that for empowerment!?

Our Formula:  (A3CI + 3) x 10

Through our unique formula, we will coach your leaders to become more accountable, agile and authentic.  Three qualities we believe are critical in the success of an executive today.  We will also teach them to think more coach-like.  To approach things with questions rather than assumptions, to embrace an individuals strengths rather than their weaknesses and to be cognizant of their own vocabulary and choice of words.  We will then show them how to make better decisions by tapping into their holistic leadership capabilities which many may not be aware that they have and finally, they will learn how to expand their thinking ten fold!  This is where the fun and magic begins!  On top of all of that, we will increase their overall happiness, something that cannot be captured in a formula.

A3 = Accountability, Agile and Authentic

C = Coach-like (strength focused)

I = Inspired/Visionary

3 = Tri-ad decision-making

10 = Multiply everything by 10

We measure our success and results by 3 ways:

  1. Achieving the desired outcomes first identified;
  2. Measuring how engaged and committed the team members become; and
  • The amount of personal growth the individual contributor has achieved.

If you would like to see this happen at your organization, follow these three steps:

  • Complete this questionnaire;
  • Arrange a time for us to connect either by phone or in person;
  • Based upon your answers and commitment, we will begin the process

Or simply contact us directly at

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