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Our executive coaches have an outstanding combination of experience and expertise across all sectors. We help transform managers into leaders, and leaders into top performers with our coaching expertise.


Executive & Team Coaching

We offer coaching services for companies and individuals. Coaching combined with training is 80% more effective than training alone. Why? Coaching allows employees to reach their own conclusions which is more powerful than simply presenting solutions to them. Our coaches can work directly one-on-one with your executives and managers or within a team context.

Executive Coaching


Our workshops are tailored to your unique needs. We can provide beginner to advanced sessions on topics such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence, organizational resilience, change management, talent management and more. Choose workshop lengths from an hour long to several days. We go beyond mere lectures with interactive exercises designed to foster lasting change.

Workshop Training
Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

For organizations needing project support beyond coaching and training, we provide full implementation assistance with executive consulting. Our consulting process uses a complete start-to-finish approach. We from initial assessment, through to ongoing follow-up.  Our expertise covers change management, employment engagement, talent management and more.

Organization Consulting

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Executive Coaches Group, provides coaching and workshop training to help your team win in today’s demanding environment. We help executives to grow and be recognized as outstanding leaders in your organization and industry. We show employees how to leverage mindfulness to be more productive and to concentrate on what’s important. We teach people resilience and adaptability to change both internally and in the marketplace.

Advanced Leadership
Team Resilience

Our Advantage: Resources You Will Actually Use

At Executive Coaches Group, we know what it’s like. Each of us has been the team member contributing to a consultant’s report that never gets implemented, or the manager sitting through a motivational speech whose inspiration lasts until getting back to the office. In fact, along with earning our keep, that’s the number one reason we created Executive Coaches Group. So, here’s our commitment to you, we pledge to focus on providing you expertise and support that you can actually use. Executive Coaches Group focusses on helping you and your organization be more successful.

Organizations Our Team Members Have Advised

What People Are Saying About Us

“I first went to seek the help of an executive coach in 2013 to help facilitate the growth of my company with as much ease as possible.. I interviewed 4 candidates and happily chose Catherine based on her background in HR, her vast experience and her confidence in discussing the options and systems to implement regarding the expansion of my company. In the past two years, with the help of Catherine, my company has doubled in size, we are poised to take on much more growth and we have set up plans for future expansion. She has help guide me through whatever challenges I have faced and helped me realize my true potential as a business owner and a leader in my profession. I have recommended Catherine to many of my peers and contemporaries, and they too have enjoyed the benefits of coaching with Catherine.”
David Winter, President, Perella Flooring Inc.
“I have worked with Catherine in a number of capacities both as a mentor and coach and have found her to have a very flexible style that is effective for all personality types. This is really important when you are dealing with mid-level executives through to the CEO who all have different work and interaction styles. Catherine is great at providing a new perspective on a situation and helping individuals focus on moving towards their personal and professional goals which people don’t realize are often jointly linked. Happy people make happy employees, make happy colleagues.”
Linda Andross, President, APEX PR
“Lawrence Chi was instrumental in our recognition as top recipient of Best Employer in Asia three consecutive years and top recipient of Best Business Hotel in Asia for three consecutive years. Under his leadership, the human resources function excelled in all of its operational measures: retention; employee satisfaction; training hours and; recruitment cycle time. His team was second to none – partly due to his leadership, commitment to their development, and loyal relationships. Lawrence quickly established trustful and collaborative partnerships with me and his peer execs and we continuously worked towards upgrading our operations and improving the business. He mastered different relationship dynamics with his local Chinese and foreign employees. I could always count on Lawrence to share his opinions and always put the objectives of the team front and centre.”
Mark DeCocinis, President and COO, One and Only Resorts
“Lawrence Chi has a tremendous amount of loyalty and integrity, both inside and outside the workplace. His leadership and network in China is second to none and he is always available to help his personal and professional circles as required. He has brought his regional executive experience and brand pedigree to a number of companies and has been successful at every turn.”
Daniel Saw, Managing Director, Fung Investments
“I worked with Lawrence in two settings during our years together in China. He showed an excellent ability to work with local associates and expatriates to bridge cultural differences and develop strong working relationships. He was looked to as a leader within the consulting teams, and as the head of human resources in corporate he instilled strong values of excellence, customer focus, and integrity within the workforce.”
Frank Johnson, Retired Partner, Hewitt Associates LLC
“Lawrence had an ability to build tremendous relationships with his executive peers and his regional team. He and I have always had trusting, open conversations which helped when we had to resolve challenging work issues. Lawrence was able to help a number of new executives through personal and professional transitions when they joined the company. His team around the region had a high level of loyalty to him as he clearly demonstrated an ability to lead in different Asian cultures.”
Richard Shin, CFO,APAC William Grant and Son
“You should know that the effect of our coaching has been long lasting. ( I am 100% responsible for me ). I know that my learning has helped teach me about me and my triggers which has moved me to a different place. Thank you for being my Coach! I hope you are continuing to change people’s lives with your gift of coaching!”
Cheryl, Executive Director, Not-for-Profit
“Catherine presented 3 great workshops as part of a youth program that were filled with very practical and relatable information. Each workshop was presented in a fun and interactive way and the students learned a lot about managing stress, building confidence and positive relationships. Thank you for presenting tools that can be used beyond the program and helping to create the foundation for confidence, health and success!”
Umema Sharafali and Munira Abid-Dhall, East Scarborough Storefront
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