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Coaching Leaders

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Our executive coaches have an outstanding combination of experience and expertise across all sectors. We help transform managers into leaders, and leaders into top performers with our coaching expertise.


Executive & Team Coaching

We offer coaching services for companies and individuals. Coaching combined with training is 80% more effective than training alone. Why? Coaching allows employees to reach their own conclusions which is more powerful than simply presenting solutions to them. Our coaches can work directly one-on-one with your executives and managers or within a team context.

Executive Coaching


Our workshops are tailored to your unique needs. We can provide beginner to advanced sessions on topics such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence, organizational resilience, change management, talent management and more. Choose workshop lengths from an hour long to several days. We go beyond mere lectures with interactive exercises designed to foster lasting change.

Workshop Training
Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

For organizations needing project support beyond coaching and training, we provide full implementation assistance with executive consulting. Our consulting process uses a complete start-to-finish approach. We from initial assessment, through to ongoing follow-up.  Our expertise covers change management, employment engagement, talent management and more.

Organization Consulting

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Executive Coaches Group, provides coaching and workshop training to help your team win in today’s demanding environment. We help executives to grow and be recognized as outstanding leaders in your organization and industry. We show employees how to leverage mindfulness to be more productive and to concentrate on what’s important. We teach people resilience and adaptability to change both internally and in the marketplace..

Advanced Leadership
Team Resilience

Our Advantage: Resources You Will Actually Use

At Executive Coaches Group, we know what it’s like. Each of us has been the team member contributing to a consultant’s report that never gets implemented, or the manager sitting through a motivational speech whose inspiration lasts until getting back to the office. In fact, along with earning our keep, that’s the number one reason we created Executive Coaches Group. So, here’s our commitment to you, we pledge to focus on providing you expertise and support that you can actually use. Executive Coaches Group focusses on helping you and your organization be more successful.

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